Sarah Williamson Jewelry


About Sarah 

Residing in the hills of Nevada City in the heart of California’s Gold Country, Sarah is enamored with a wide variety of aesthetics, ranging from vintage or minimalist designs to more detailed futuristic styles. Sarah studied at the Revere Academy and has undergone further intensive training with master jewelers Paul Bartnik, Thomas Dailing, and lapidary artist Dalan Hargrave. She also specialized in 18K gold granulation under the tutelage of master goldsmith Kent Raible. While her body of work is expansive in scope, she has recently focused on non-traditional bridal jewelry, combining various classical styles while focusing on stones which are unique in both color and rarity. Her practice emphasizes the use of artisan-cut, rare colored gemstones and American mined gemstones, both of which can be found in her soon to launch jewelry brand, Precious Ghost. Sarah is committed to the pursuit of creative expression in all she does, and is perennially pushing boundaries in the world of wearable fine art.